About us

Our Story!

Portability is in our DNA

Founded in 2017 with a completely bootstrapped approach, we have transformed into a complete product development company.

Our Mission

To decide our strength in the present and up-and-coming programming innovations by conveying modern arrangements that keep them serving and remaining for more.

We Are Loyal to Our Core Values

No matter what we do, we are committed to enhancing our customers’ businesses through our fundamental beliefs, whether it’s a website construction or an application development venture.

We Build Strong Relationships

By giving quality, client experience, and execution to our product items, we strive to build long-term relationships with you

We Are Quality Conscious

There is nothing we love more than quality searchers. Therefore, we place a high priority on programming quality, and we are regularly praised by our customers and their clients for our work.

We Are Creative and Innovative

By pushing the boundaries a bit more distant than anybody else, we are able to generate innovation, upheaval, and uniqueness.

To date, we have created the following apps:

  1. Cozy Bundle Products – Create Product Bundles for your customers.
  2. Cozy Images Gallery – Create beautiful galleries in a matter of minutes.
  3. Cozy Video Gallery – Create beautiful Video Galleries in a matter of minutes using YouTube videos.
  4. Cozy AntiTheft – Protect your Shopify Store’s Content.
  5. Cozy Country Redirect – Redirect customers to their country store.
  6. Cozy Geo‑IP Images – Shows only tailored banners and images based on the visitor’s location.