Cozy YouTube Videos Gallery Testimonials

October 27, 2021

Quick response and the exact video solution we were looking for! We’re glad that we found the Cozy app – easy to use.

dude. be nice
August 21, 2021

Cozy videos gallery helps me create nice-looking and easy-to-use video lists for my Shopify website. I learned how to use it in a matter of minutes, and I love how the videos show up on my page. Well done Cozy team!!

Stuttering Therapy Resources
March 7, 2021

Easy to install and easy to use. Worked a treat to sort videos by category/brands. Quick response from support team for a CSS query. Highly recommend – has been running for a few weeks now and we are very happy, sped up our FAQ page by moving videos to this app.

Spelean Australia