Category: Cozy Country Redirect

Redirect Shopify Customers to your store that servers in their country. To install follow this link.


Final URL mismatch in Campaign

If you are using Auto-Redirect for countries and running a campaign, then there is a chance that Google would disable your campaign because of destination URL mismatch error. How to handle this? Right now...

Geo IP Redirect with Bar

Redirect Shopify Customers with Notification Bar

Instead of redirecting your customers automatically, the bar option is a medium invasive way to ask customer’s consent about redirection. As soon as a rule is matched with against GeoIP, instead of automatically redirecting,...

Cozy Country Redirect UTM

UTM Parameters in Country Redirect

UTM parameters are often used by Analytics services like Google Analytics! Why use UTM? UTM parameters are used to track the source of traffic as well as conversions. For example, you are running an...