New Features in Cozy Country Redirect

We have already discussed all the prominent functionalities of our app Cozy Country Redirect in various posts throughout the Blog. But this post specifically targets at the new features which were in the testing phase until now but are now released and available for you guys to use. These features were implemented keeping in mind the current trends and the recurring requests from our users also played an important role since we are always striving towards an excellent support system for our app users.

The new features or add-ons that are now available in the app are:

  • Country Blocker
  • Currency Switcher
  • Geo Announcements

Country Blocker

There are numerous situations where your store is dedicated to a specific country only or you sell some exclusive items on your store which you want available for that specific country only we have the perfect solution for you readily available within the Cozy Country Redirect App.
Just like we create redirection rules, for this to work we will be selecting countries where we want to block access to the store. Once the country selection is complete we’ll have to select a blocker template which will be shown to the visitor and we are done.

Here’s the Setup Screen for Country Blocker:

Country Blocker Country Selection Screen

Blocker Screen which is shown to a visitor from Germany(selected country)

Video: How to block a country using Cozy Country Redirect?

Currency Switcher

A currency switcher is a somewhat necessary addon to go along with a Country Redirect App since along with redirecting customers to the correct store it is also important that the customer sees the product prices in their own currency. Following this principle comes the second add-on of Cozy Country Redirect: Auto Currency Switcher.

As the name suggests the Currency Switcher built within the app will automatically switch currencies based on the country of the visitor. This will reduce the hassle of switching currencies manually for your store visitor making it a smooth experience for him/her. The integrated Currency Switcher in the app is 100% compatible with the Shopify Currencies.

Currency Switcher Screen with added Currencies

Video: How to use Currency Switcher in Cozy Country Redirect?

Geo-IP Announcements

Do you have a plan for an upcoming sale for your store(s) during holidays or a festive season and want to notify your customers about it? We have an add-on for that as well. Geo-IP Announcements will help you notify customers about your sale or some important announcement regarding shipping delays during winter holidays etc. using a Pop-Up. You can choose to show the Announcement in select countries or in all countries and the Announcement will be shown based on the visitor’s country. This Announcement can have multiple templates depending upon you. You can either choose to customize the pre-designed announcement template provided in the app or if you are already familiar with our template editor you can also start from scratch.

Video: How to make an announcement in Cozy Country Redirect?