2018 Year in Review

Year 2018 was full of ups and downs. We learned, we grew and we created apps – more than we thought we could. We started 2018 with Cozy Image Gallery. We were expecting a million images served at the end of the year, However, it is 7 million images that are served every day from our app. This gave birth to more apps like AntiTheft and Cozy Video Gallery. We have now six apps.

Surprised Merchants

We wanted to be an exclusive! There is a set of expectations which merchant has and we wanted to exceed these expectations. Hence we created some exclusive features – Recommendations in Cozy Sales Pops, play icon editing in Cozy Video Gallery, aspect ratio correction in Cozy Image Gallery and Invert Rules in Cozy Country Redirect.

More Devs

We have added a lot of remote developers this year about a dozen more including freelancers. It was truly a new experience as it was really hard to manage all of them in the beginning, but now we are now pretty much stable. This has given us some deep understanding of how we could be connected and work together even when we are physically disconnected. This has enabled us for having specific developers assigned to an app to ensure features to keep coming.

Better Support

We have covered pretty much 18 hours a day using three different timezone and hence, we are quicker and thorough in the support.

Going Forward

We are adding more hands on board and we give all the credits to those merchants who have given us 5 stars review. We are already inviting these merchants to try new app for free. This is the least we could do. We are going to create more apps to cover some specific niche and hopefully we will, as always, exceed your expectations.


We can’t be grateful enough for all those merchants who have left us a 5 stars review and those who has given us a feature requests!