How to protect your Shopify store using Cozy AntiTheft?

Cozy AntiTheft comes up with a lot of features to product your store from stealing. You can disable a few features of a browser using simple checkboxes.

  1. Disable Right Click – Right click is a classic way of stealing your data. It has main options – copy text or download an image option.
  2. Disable Drag-n-Drop of an image – If images can be dragged, it can be dragged to Desktop as well. Hence, an image can be downloaded! Cozy AntiTheft is disabling drag-n-drop of images to prevent advanced web users to steal your data.
  3. Shortcut Protections – Various shortcuts that are used to steal content like Ctrl + C,Ctrl + A, Ctrl + U are disabled to prevent copying or showing developer tools.
  4. Disable Background Images – Cozy AntiTheft protects background images.

Installation of the App

To install the app, simply go to Cozy AntiTheft on Shopify Store and install it.