Recent Sales Notifications

Why Notifications?

Notifications make people Envy and Trust. Two of the most powerful forces that make customers buy! Envy comes with a lot of options and these are the options suggested by our Customers.


Look at DEMO. We have created a bit bulkier version of Demo to show off what Envy is capable of, however, you can use whatever options you think is best for you.


Settings are fairly simple, you just need to toggle it!

Some the settings are explained!

  • Old template will be used if order is older than – There are two sets of template text – one for recent orders and other for old orders. For instance, if an order is recent one, you want to show off when it was bought but in case of an old order, you would want to hide this information.
  • Seconds after start showing notifications: This is the initial delay before the first notification is shown. It should not be that small to annoy customer and he might close notifications. Choose wisely.
  • Seconds to wait for next notifications: Time in seconds – Notifications come and go, this is the time Envy waits before it sends next notification.
  • Seconds for which notification is shown: This is the time for which a notification is shown.
  • Times a same variant is shown per session: An order for a variant should not be shown for many times, this could annoy your customers. Hence, this value should only be bigger than 5 if you have more than 10 orders or fake notifications.
  • Notifications per page: This is the number of notifications a customer sees in a page.


There are many kinds of themes but most popular ones are “when” and “panic” themes.

When Themes

When themes go best when you want to build the trust by showing that a lot of users are buying products quite recently.

Panic Themes

Panic themes go best when you want create a panic my stating only few inventory left. If inventory is in between 1 to 10, then number will be shown otherwise ‘few’.